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Blue Oceans Strategy

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Blue Oceans Strategy

Everyone who has read the book Blue Ocean Strategy by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne understands the value of creating a niche marketing approach for your product or service where your competition has not thought to spend advertising dollars thereby reducing ad spend and creating your own Blue Oceans Strategy.

Therein lies the challenge. What niche has your competition not thought about? If the niche, you have identified is too small it may not yield the desired results.

We at Blue Oceans Strategy have made it simple to instantly create your own exclusive Blue Ocean Strategy. We have developed cutting edge technology called GeoConquester that creates exclusive marketing niches that hyper-target your perfect client. We have agreements with 180,000 apps that reside on all consumers cell phones including Google Maps.

Once we Geofence a physical location such as your competitor’s place of business our technology will capture their customers Ad Id from the cell phone. That Ad Id allows us to present ads to the person everywhere they go on their home computer, work computer, tablet or cell phone through our agreements with 67 ad networks that place ads on 97% of all websites that accept ads (Google DoubleClick can only reach 20%).

Imagine having a Surveillance System so advanced that it captures your competitor’s customers, targets any physical or geographic area you choose where your customers may be, and continually scans online for all in-market buyers!

Roofing Marketing Dominate Your Marketplace!
Instantly attacks any geographic area, identifies all demographics, when a storm hits you instantly blanket all media they utilize

Personal injury attorneys can Exclusively Own the Marketing Rights To Every Emergency Room In Their Area For Pennies On The Dollar and Render Your Competition Irrelevant!

Real Estate Agents Exclusively Own Your Marketplace! Target in Market Home Buyers & Sellers by Zip Code, Online Shopping & when they visit model homes in your target area.

Casinos target all other rival casinos visitors, GeoTarget their player’s Ad ID, add an unlimited demographic layer to target your ads to high rollers, poker players or any type of player you desire.

Car Dealers exclusively target all of your competitors and legally steal their customers while continually searching the internet for in-market car buyers. Add an unlimited demographic layer for credit, income, net worth, what kind of car they drive, any demographic targeting your desire.

Financial Advisors target large companies and GeoTarget all employees who are close to retirement age with a layer of unlimited demographic for credit, income, net worth, homeowners, any demographic targeting your desire. Automatically search the internet for anyone looking for a financial advisor.

Restaurants GeoTarget other high-end restaurants and build a list of their customers, keep your ads in front of them everywhere they go encouraging them to visit your restaurant next time they want to go out to dinner.

Whatever your business our advanced marketing technology and Blue Oceans Strategy marketing experts will craft a custom Blue Ocean Marketing Strategy that will instantly empower you to Eliminate Your Competition and Render Them Irrelevant!

Blue Oceans Strategy search engine optimization

We have taken Search Engine Optimization to a whole new level with a Blue Ocean Strategy focus. We do onsite and offsite optimization and citation building plus optimize for the big keywords but conduct extensive research on long-tail keywords consumers are using to search for your product or service, but your competition has not thought to optimize for to create a Blue Ocean optimization campaign. Today’s consumers are using long-tail keywords to better customize their search results to fit their needs.

Blue Oceans Strategy Facebook

We also create a Blue Ocean Facebook Strategy by creating lookalike campaigns. The problem with Facebook today is they have eliminated third-party targeting data. You can’t target by job title, income, credit, they are even eliminating zip code targeting but what your competitors don’t know is Facebook still uses that third-party data to create lookalike campaigns. We tap into that third-party targeting data on the back-end of Facebook and allow you to hyper-target your perfect client on Facebook while your competition wastes money targeting the general masses.

Allow Blue Oceans Strategy to custom create your Blue Oceans Strategy and empower you to exclusively and easily eliminate your competition and render them irrelevant instantly! This is a limited time exclusive offer please schedule your free consultation on my calendar right now! Book Free Consultation Click Here Now!

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